10 ways for a college student to save money

10 ways for a college student to save money


Ways for a college student to save money


Hey I’m a college student and I have picked up a few tricks to save money. I started with 10, but I added a few more so hey your getting more tips than you bargained for already! SCORE!


10. Cut your own hair


Ok I know most people wont be to keen on this one, but it really isn’t that hard, especially for me because I’m a guy. I started doing this in the summer (maybe a good idea) and by the time I was in school I had it perfected. The bonus is you get your hair exactly how you like it, and it’s free! (get someone to check the back though, that part is hard to cut)


9. Find Someone with a Big Meal Plan


If you live on campus or are friends with someone who is you may get lucky (not sex perv) I’m talking food here. Some students get there parents to pay for everything and get there meal plan loaded whenever they ask. Don’t be a selfish jerk and use them just for there meal plan, but there is an off chance they’ll recognize a charity case when they see one and feed you the odd time for free SWEET!


8. Look around for a place to rent!


Well this one is obvious but research a place to stay. My brother got his rent for $250 a month by working out a deal with his friends. Their house was full but they let him stay there if he gave them each $50 a month and he turned the second living room into his bedroom. I found room and board, all inclusive with a Jacuzzi, bar and kitchenette for $450 so the deals are out there. Look around and you can save A LOT.


7. Only buy things you need


Take a quick second to look back on your purchase history and think about all the useless things you have bought. Now think how loaded you would be if you could cash all these in for what you paid for them. Here’s how to save….dont buy them! Before you buy something take a quick second and ask yourself  “ Do I need this?” if the answer is no, put it down and walk away. You will be surprised how much you save. This brings me to my next point


6. Stay away from the mall!


Chances are if you go to the mall, you are going to buy something. Something you never even knew you needed. A good way to save money, just don’t go to the mall to begin with. If you can reduce the amount of times you go shopping, you will increase your cash. Look at your bank statement and take a look at all your withdrawals, scary isn’t it? Set a goal to cut your withdrawals in half for the next month.


5. Be smart when you buy groceries


Try not to buy too much at one time. If you can’t eat it fast enough it will go bad and you will have to throw it out.


4. Buy used.


         Stop by the thrift store, you will be surprised what they have. I have found a few really nice vintage sweaters and shirts there that I look great in. It is great to add something new to my wardrobe for a couple of dollars.

         Look online for textbooks and other supplies. My ink for my printer is $80 + tax at staples for black and colour. I found it online for $40 for brand name cartridges and $20 for aftermarket cartridges. I ordered both and the aftermarket ones are just as good as the name brand, so I save $60 each time I have to buy new ink.

         If you need to furnish your new apartment look online (craigslist and kijiji) in your area. A lot of students will be getting rid of things they don’t need but you do, look around they could be throwing desks and couches out!


3. Cook smart! (cook things before they go bad)


I found that if I cook pasta or potatoes it is a lot better to cook a large portion and then put the leftovers in the fridge for later. If something looked like it was going to go bad soon I would cook it and freeze it, or throw it in the fridge and eat it later. This saves you from wasting food and also saves time!


2. Steal!

Ok don’t steal from the store, steal from your parents. Before you go to school raid the closets! Take anything you need, paper, pens and food. They won’t mind, and if they do you will be a few hundred kilometres away.


1. Going to the bar? Bring a flask!


Yeah that’s right I said it. Most bars wont like this to much, but screw them. I’m a student and damn this saved me a lot of money. I picked up a flask at a surplus store for $2, when I went to the bar I would tuck it in my back pocket. Surprisingly I never got caught, even with pad searches and metal detectors. I would ask for a coke (most bars don’t charge for non-alcoholic beverages) and then ask the bouncer to hold my drink as I added my rum….ok don’t do that you’ll get thrown out. Try not to let the bouncers see you adding rum.


Here’s a bonus


Freeze your food!


In the summer I picked a bunch of strawberries, I bought peaches when they were on sale, blueberries and mangoes. In the summer fruit is super cheap! I got it all when it was on sale or picked my own and then froze it. Then I would take it to school with me and make smoothies. I would get my serving of fruit plus it wouldn’t cost me anything while I was in school.


Also – if you are going back home for a week take everything that is in your fridge and put it in the freezer. I did this over the Christmas break and thanked myself when I got back. I had bread, bagels, a few pizza slices and leftover meatballs and pasta. All of this would have gone bad if it was in the fridge but I got to eat it after de-thawing it and saved myself from buying groceries for a few days. (plus I raided my parents closets so I had enough for the next 2 weeks)