How long does Island Caretaker video take to upload?

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Hey if you are waiting forever for your video to upload to the island reef job website it is probably because it is too big. I tried uploading my video which was 60MB (well under the 100MB stated limit) and it took over an hour and than gave me an error message. I was soooo frustrated but eventually figured out the video was to large. After making my video about 6MB (re-encode it at a different rate like mpeg-4) and then trying it again it uploaded in a snap. I know by writing this I am helping the competition but hey, I’m a friendly Canadian 😛

Hope this helps all the people trying to upload a video out there and good luck!

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The file ID provided does not exist or is invalid

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If you are trying to apply for the Island Caretaker job and after waiting forever you get this error message “The file ID provided does not exist or is invalid” This probably means that your video is too big. Even though the website says under 100mb I tried uploading a video for the island caretaker job and it was only 60MB. It took about an hour and then failed and said The file ID provided does not exist or is invalid. Then I tried again with a 1MB videos just as a test and it worked, so if your getting that error message, encode your video at a lower rate and re-submit.

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