Honey Garlic and Ginger Chicken

I just made dinner, it was delicious so I will share the recipe with you. Keep in mind I am a simple person and I create things so the recipe is not exact, it’s for normal people like you and me.

 What you need

Vegetable Oil

 Cut the chicken into bite sized pieces. Mince the garlic and ginger. Make a marinade by mixing vegetable oil to a ziploc bag or a tupperware container and then mix in the garlic, ginger and then chicken. Mix it up so the chicken is coated with your marinade and let it sit for a few minutes to allow the flavour to soak in. Heat up a frying pan at medium heat and add the entire mixture. Cook it until it is almost done and then (drain it if there is water in the pan) add as much honey as you want, cook it for another few minutes to glaze the chicken and your done.

 I also made a side of vegetable fried rice, I will write a recipe for that as well.