Penelope – Must be because of the Writers strike

I just saw a preview for Penelope the movie….. I’m pissed…WTF!

 How can they make a movie solely based on the fact that a girl is born with a nose that looks like a pig. Who was sitting there one day with a bunch of writers and said….we should make a movie about a girl with a pig nose…and EVERYONE said, yeah great idea! How has NO ONE looked the writer in the eye and said….your an idiot, and then BURNED AND DESTROYED the script. Honestly people….Please do not go and see this movie, because if this movie makes money they will make more, then I will have to sit for an hour and a half and watch a movie about a boy with a pig tail and all the not so hilarious antics that go along.

 I will continue to ridicule this movie until it crashes and burns and dies a horrible death. If you see this movie, please post about how terrible it is in the comments section.