Welcome to my blog

Hey the name is Jeremy, if you are reading this you could have stumbled accross it on the web, or you followed one of my links. I have finally decided that my life is interesting enough that some people might want to check up on me from time to time and see what I am up to. I wont post to this blog every day, only when I think something is interesting enough to share with the world (or atleast all my friends and family) so to start, a bit about myself

I am 23, born in Canada and living in Australia right now. I love sports, comedy, finding ways to make money, travelling and learning and I have a girlfriend ( for over 3 years now) Chances are this blog will contain a lot of content about the things I like, so expect posts about sports (mostly Hockey) ways I have made money, my travels ( a lot of Australian content to come) and hopefully some posts that will make you laugh.

Why I started this blog? Well I have been thinking of doing it for sometime now, and I just won a new sony W910i phone which lets me take pictures and videos and add them to a blog instantly so I figured, hey why not. Now everyone back home can keep track of me and other people can get a glimpse of my life. Dont be shy, leave a comment