5 of 5 – Best Street Performers – Stone Santa

Here are a few pictures of a very cooled themed street performer known as Stone Santa. He may look like a statue, but there is actually a man inside and the costume is made of foam and paint. Very cool costume!


4 of 5 – Best Street Performers – Jew Harp, Mouth Harp

This guy plays a very funky musical instrument in the street. The instrument is known as the Jew Harp, or Mouth Harp. Take a listen, it sounds very cool

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3 of 5 – Techno Didgeridoo – Best Melbourne Street Performers

I thought this guy was really cool, he plays the Didgeridoo to techno music. He plays quite a bit on Bourke Street in Melbourne.

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2 of 5 – One Man Band 4 instruments at once – The best of Melbourne Street Performers

This guy can play the Bass drum, High-hat, guitar and harmonica all at once. And he actually makes it sound good. I was very impressed and that is why he is number 2 on my list of favourite Melbourne street performers.

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1 of 5 – Awesome ALIEN Street Performer – The best Melbourne Street Performers

I thought that this street performer was very unique and original. I dropped some coins in for his space ship repair fund. I hope he finds his home planet soon! But not too soon because he is very entertaining! This was shot in Melbourne, Australia.

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