A Day in the Life in Australia

A day in the life in Australia

If you ever wondered what a good day in Australia is like this blog post if for you. I am currently living in Cairns which is a beautiful small city located in tropical far north Queensland. Most days are hot and it does rain quite a bit during the summer.
Lately each day has been hot and sunny and I have been trying to fill each day with a task to do. Last week I went scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef and yesterday I finally bought a didgeridoo. Today I do not have anything planned, so I am finally going to make it out to the local golf course to whack a few balls.

I slept in today, no big deal. Almost everyday is a sleep in day when I only work casually washing dishes. I wake up and make French toast with maple flavoured syrup, nothing compared to Aunt Jemima (or real maple syrup) back in Canada but it will do. After breakfast I book a tee time and then test out the new didgeridoo. It sounds great, but I need a lot of practice. Sitting out on the balcony, overlooking the mountains and playing a didge, now this is living.

I lounge around and answer a few emails until noon, time to bike into town. It is a short bike ride into town so I check the bus schedule to make sure I will make my Tee time (it’s at 2:00) The next bus comes at 1pm and it should take about 45 minutes by bus, no problem. I grab a sub from subway and fill my water bottle; it’s a scorcher out today. The temperature has been about 30 degrees for the last week and today is no exception. I filled my water bottle and put it in the freezer for the night to freeze, and by the time the bus gets to the golf course the water is warm. The bus ride to the course was beautiful, mountains to the left and beaches and ocean to the right. Hopefully the golf course is a good one. I check in at the Half Moon Bay Resort golf course and get my bottle filled with ice cubes at the club house. I buy a few tee’s and five used golf balls, hopefully that will last. I plan to sneak in a quick nine holes.

As I walk with my bag to the first hole a couple of sulphur crested cockatoos soar by with a loud screech. They land in a nearby tree and pose for pictures.

This is the first time I have golfed in about a year, so hopefully I have not forgotten anything. I tee up my first ball and swing. The ball goes about 200 yards and slices into the trees….nothing has changed. I can’t find my ball anywhere; I swear it landed here… I spot a couple of strange looking birds that are hovering around right where my ball landed, they look suspicious, I think they took my ball!

The scenery on the course is great; too bad the greens are not. With recent floods followed by scorching heat I can not complain though.

I meet an old European man on the course and we play a couple of holes together. He tells me about another course nearby called Palm Cove that is much nicer, maybe I will play there next week. For now I will finish up my game though. As I walk down the 8th hole I see a few coconut trees out in the rough. There are a bunch of coconuts in the palms, and a few that have fallen off. I wonder if they are ripe. I go in for a closer look and give them a shake. They sound ripe and look ripe so I decide to take a couple home with me.

After nine holes of golf, a long bus ride and a quick bike home I am sweating. This is a good time to jump in the pool. There are over 10 at our apartment complex so I have lots of options. I go for a quick dip and head up to the apartment.

I figure I should put the coconuts to good use and make myself a drink! I drain the coconuts, crack them open, add some pineapple juice, coconut milk, ice and a splash of rum. Just what I needed after a tough day and I got home just in time to watch the sunset with a cold drink in hand.

To wrap it all up I settle in bed after dinner and watch a movie with my beautiful girlfriend. Just another day in paradise! I better go to bed early though because I have to be up at 6:30. No sleeping in this time, I volunteer on a dive boat in the morning. But that is a story for another time. Thanks for reading!