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Pigeons are Stupid

Stupid Pigeons

During my many travels in the streets I see a lot of pigeons. I like to watch them because they are dumb and they make me laugh. I do realize that others may be watching me watching the pigeons and they probably think I am stupid but at least I don’t throw my food in the air, and then have it get stuck to my back, and then wander around aimlessly looking for my food. Like this pigeon.

“Where’s the Tomatoe?, Where’s the Tomatoe?”

By the way I know Tomato is not spelt with an e at the end. But I think that is how a pigeon would probably spell it so shut up.

This is not the first time it has happened either. The day before I took this picture a large piece of meat had fallen off of some body’s sandwich. One pigeon was over joyed and began to peck at the meat and throw it into the air in a festive manner, only to have it land on his back. The pigeon was stunned at the disappearing meat trick and looked around everywhere for it, only to have another pigeon steal it right off of his back. Sorry no picture of a pigeon with meat on it’s back, but close your eyes for a second and imagine it. Thanks

Just in case the pigeons are secretly geniuses and are reading this blog right now (you never know) I would like to point out that people are not that bright either

That’s all for now.


5 Responses

  1. Mildly funny, I know, but I wanted to write it.

  2. You are even more stupid than the pigeon because otherwise you would know that pigeons neither eat tomato nor meat! They just play with these things – stupido!

  3. I love you <3333 haha.

  4. Haha sorry pigeon Writer…. How silly of me. I guess the pigeon was just giving the meat and tomato’s a piggy back ride down the street, where he was going to sell them at the local market. Then use the money he made to buy pigeon food. How stupid of me

  5. The piggies accept your apologies – they are used to being misunderstood and misjudged – LOL – do it better next time!!!

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