oracle wont start – http://localhost:8080/apex wont open

This is a new problem with vista. My computer automatically installed new vista security updates and then restarted, now I cannot open the oracle homepage, which doesnt help me considering I have an assignment due on tuesday. I am working on a solution to this, the errors I have gotten are: is not set up to establish a connection with port 8080

and access denied.

 I am sure this is because of the new security updates, if anyone has a way to fix this HELP


4 Responses

  1. try a system restore

  2. Hey thanks, I eventually tried a system restore and still no luck. I tried backing up my DB as well but got an access is denied thing. I eventually just re-installed it GARRRRGH!

  3. Had this problem a few more times. The lesson here is BACKUP YOUR DB because once this happens you have to re-install

  4. I had the same problem and changed the port to 80.


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